Shallow groundwater supply
Shallow watertable
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Understanding watertable behavior
is critical to managing salinity risks.


When wet conditions exist, the shallow groundwater system in the Shepparton Irrigation Region is recharged and the watertable rises.

In some circumstances the watertable approaches ground surface and poses a salinity threat to vegetation and soil structure.

Impacts to vegetation and soil structure can be significant and increase the longer shallow watertable conditions occur.

Since watertable levels fluctuate from year to year it is important for landowners to be aware of watertable conditions in their vicinity. When shallow watertable conditions are evident, landowners who have a shallow groundwater pumping system, may consider using it to encourage watertable control around their pump, or for landowners who do not have access to a pumping system, advice can be sought to assist them. Click here.

To locate and view a shallow groundwater system watertable monitoring bore in the Shepparton Irrigation Region. Click here.

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